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chrome nail powder Specification:

Weight: Approx 1g/box

Material: High quality powder

Color: As the pictures show

Package Contents: 12pcs/set Nail powder

How to use

1. Prepare your nails with UV top coat ---other top coat cannot get mirror effect
or you use gel polish to paint your nails then UV light/LED light to make it dry.

2. Use "no wipe gel top coat" then dry by LED/UV light.

3 The most important step, please pay attention.

if you use wrong way, you will get glitter look, not mirror effect.
please use sponge stick dip litter powder . NOTE - small amount powder
then Evenly smear your nails and Rubbing back and forth many times. NOTE - Rubbing 
until you satisfied the effect, then sweep the powder.

4. Add 2nd top coat then dry by LED/UV light. Finish
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